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Mach Fox. Gregor Schlatte. Broken Machine Films.

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Guy Billout


Hello Bully

Oh Hai, Tyrion Pittister here! I am a sweet, snuggly, goofy little boy who was rescued from a dog fighting case, and thanks to the HSUS, I made my way here to Hello Bully! I bare a lot of scars on my face from my past, but please do not fear, I am in no pain and I am totally ready to snuggle with a family. They give me all kinds of fun stuff here at HB to play with and learn! I love to chew on my nylabones, do enrichment activities, eat pupsicles, and most important, snuggle with all my volunteers. I am puppy like when I get excited, and love to run around in the play yard with tennis balls, and don’t laugh, but I kind of snort when I do it! My all time favorite is lounging on the couch or big fluffy dog beds with my humans. I am working on my polite ways with other canines and furry creatures, so please check in with ashley@hellobully.com if you have other animals and how my progress is doing! If interested please submit your application at www.hellobully.org/adopt or email ashley@hellobully.com for more information on me! Thank you, hope to hear from you soon! 


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Blake Chesterfield Henderson, my friends. 

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by far one of my favorite songs ever

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living legends // another day ft. marty james.

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Stay body and expression-positive!

My new fave post

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Jiang Zhi - Love Letter 1, 2014

In the series “Love Letters”, Zhi’s photography depicts various flowers in a state of combustion - yet seemingly unharmed - in an exploration of the temporality and transient aspects of beauty.

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"Woman of Substance" x "Ecstasy of the lillies" by Octavio Ocampo

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Yayoi Kusama

White infinity nets

-Victoria Miro

Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

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