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Anonymous: Why not fall in love?


I got shit to do

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America romanticizes the old war story
Heroes, ammos, guns, blood guts and glory
And no wonder the majority wants a war with Iraq
Even if only 15% know where it’s at on a map
With our backs against a stockpile of weaponry
Enough to turn the earth into a memory, ‘cept there’ll be
No one to remember this planet
If it happens god damn it, if I get drafted today
I swear to God, Jah, Allah and Yahweh
I’ll toss the letter away and I’ll pull a Cassius Clay, In the military
Minorities comprise the majority, Surprised? are you kidding me?
The lies rely on brown bodies to fight for white puppet masters
I cannot fathom how the caged bird drinks
Until he thinks he is free
A critical mass between the heavenly future, and a hell of a past, now

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"Glitoris triptych, panel 2"
Julian Baker
August 2011
From the triptychs series

For some reason Tumblr removed this image, so here it is again.

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She liked poetry said “I’ll read you mine”
I’ll never lead you blind or feed you swine
If you would be mine, it would be sublime
But I still need some time for beats and rhymes.

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Miharayasuhiro details SS15’パリ

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reblog if your vagina glows in the dark

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this pic is crucial


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