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But it’s really out of my control…
The way you feel is not my problem.
I don’t want to see you go
but I don’t have time to solve this. —Jhené Aiko - “The Pressure (via fuckyeahjhene)
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sam flores.


M.I.A. - Gold

Here’s a new tune from M.I.A. titled “Gold,” which appears on the new Partysquad Summer Mixtape.

Post Link: http://blaecny.com/music/new-music/m-i-a-gold/

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"Now my daughter knows Geo’s bars. My heart swell."

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does it come with butter pillows

is anyone reading that description 

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dont flirt with me like this bc i will fall in love with u

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What’s better than eating is feeding your fam
What’s better than meetings is missing meetings to meet with your fam
What’s better than leaning and needing a Xan
Is hitting your zan dreaming a dream could mean leaving the land
What’s better than yelling is hollerin’ love
What’s better than rhymes, nickels, dimes and dollars and dubs
Is dialing up your darling just for callin’ her up
It ain’t nothing better than fallin’ in love”

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